The restoration of our archives, and the creation of a library and museum

The Hungarian orthodoxy is in grave danger! Our finances are in ruins, our religious life is under threat of discontinuation, and our properties are in tragic states! Whatever that was not destroyed during the Shoah was ruined during the communist occupation, then even deteriorated further under poor management. We require aid to survive! The storied 150-year history of our communities must not end!
Introduction of the project

The Archives, Library and Religious Collection of the Congregation, is currently in process of being established. The Archives will preserve and make available the past of the Hungarian Orthodoxy to interested researchers. In addition to thousands of rare and important volumes of books, the archives are often, unfortunately, the only memento of the past of the once flourishing Hungarian Orthodox Jewish communities. Its religious collection contains wonderful works of art, antique textiles, and religious artefacts. Unfortunately, the shrinking congregation and the devastating financial situation of the congregation have not yet allowed all these monuments to be housed in a dignified environment. The digitization of the magnificent collection is only just beginning, and the future library, which will hold thousands of volumes, is still to be assessed and developed, as is the creation of a decent, contemporary, and functional reading room with the necessary service facilities. To all this we ask for the generous help and contributions of our supporters.