The complete reconstruction of the Alma Street elderly residence

The Hungarian orthodoxy is in grave danger! Our finances are in ruins, our religious life is under threat of discontinuation, and our properties are in tragic states! Whatever that was not destroyed during the Shoah was ruined during the communist occupation, then even deteriorated further under poor management. We require aid to survive! The storied 150-year history of our communities must not end!
Introduction of the project

The Home for Elderly of the Orthodoxy was built in 1920, as per the plans of Miksa Grünwald. It was a gemstone of the Hungarian Jewry, since the mitzva of taking care of the elderly could be fulfilled in a worthy environment.

The building played a tragic role during World War 2, when shortly before the liberation of Budapest, on the 19th of January, 1945, one of darkest figures of Hungarian history, Pater Kun (András Kun, a former priest who was excommunicated from the Catholic Church and later executed as a war criminal) led a group of Arrowcross lynchmen massacred the 10 employees and 61 elders housed in the building.

During the years of communism, the institution was operational, but nobody thought of preservation. The previous leadership of the congregation had ambitious renovation plans , the Government of Hungary provided the funds in advance, but no actual work has been done. The funds made available have vanished

The following pictures need no explanation:

Ruins, desolation, signs of negligence wherever we look at. The solution of this problem is just another task for the current leadership. We are not frightened by this challenge either, because ” only progress can be the aim “