Renovation of the mikveh

The Hungarian orthodoxy is in grave danger! Our finances are in ruins, our religious life is under threat of discontinuation, and our properties are in tragic states! Whatever that was not destroyed during the Shoah was ruined during the communist occupation, then even deteriorated further under poor management. We require aid to survive! The storied 150-year history of our communities must not end!
Introduction of the project

Even our mikveh is in a dramatic state of negligence! It was opened in 1930, in art deco style, and we have gotten to the point where it is barely usable and without renovation the threat of demolition lingers. The plans for renovation are set, however due to the intricacies of the work an exact cost is currently not calculable.

If it were to regain its former, authentic glory, not only would it have outstanding religious importance but with no exaggeration become an architectural sensation for the world to see!